Samstag, 5. Dezember 2009

Das Wort zum Wochenende: Key Lime Pie


The Wisses didn't think it unreasonable that their child should be at least as smart as them.
"How can you be my son and not do well in school?" Mr. Wisse asked.
Mrs. Wisse was more sympathetic, but equally puzzled. "Why don't you try harder?" she pleaded with him.
But, try as he might, Derek couldn't succeed. He brought home D's and F's on every report card. And those letters, unlike the ones Mr. and Mrs. Wisse had, weren't any good at all.
Derek was a great dissapointment to his parents.
He didn't dissapoint me, though ... baked with secret ingredients and served with my very yummy key lime pie.

Keith McGowan: The Witch's Guide to Cooking with Children

[ Leider ist meines Wissens keine deutsche Übersetzung geplant. Ein Jammer, denn diese Hänsel&Gretel-Neuinterpretation ist spannendes und witziges Lesevergnügen für Kinder ab 8, und zudem - von Yoko Tanaka - hinreißend und sehr stimmig illustriert. ]

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